Diet, supplements or both?

Understanding the effects of recovery aids, supplements & sports drinks has always seemed a murky subject for someone as myself who played sports for years and took protein shakes after gym sessions, isotonic drinks after long periods of prolonged exercise. But I’ve never really understood the science, never needed to (i thought) as that’s for the ladies and gentlemen of that industry to understand not a mere sporty mortal like myself.

I’m getting on slightly now, my dreams of Wembley have long gone and I’m left fighting off the beer belly but still managing to hit the gym at least 3 times a week and get myself some decent cardio sessions in but the recovery needs to be looked at again and I need to get my head around what works best for me now rather than what did when I was 18 and still flexible.

So for starters, I’ve recently stumbled upon this website to help me get back into the groove and find out how I can help my recovery. I don’t want to be walking into work for the next however many years hobbling as though I’d just finished watching the tour de France. It’s time to teach and old dog some more informed tricks, will diet be better or supplements & diet?


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