You Have The Power Use It Wisely

Arthur Jones invented the single station machines and his hobby other than flying was bodybuilding.

One day he got the idea of building a machine that you could do the best arm pullover in a seated position. To achieve this he needed to transform the resistance over pullies and cams. Back then all we had was free weights and now we had this guy telling us that we could do curls, flies and tricep press in a seated position it was really exciting stuff.


Arthur Jones discovered the art of transforming the movement into equal resistance over ‘rotary’ movement. Now you guys have more including functional movement with the functional training rigs and other stationed equipment much more than what Arthur Jones made his millions on.

What he created was the well know brand we have today Nautilus named because the cam resembled the tiny shell at eth bottom of the ocean. Today’s equipment and the demand for alternatives is forging dimensions where women and men can be challenged with a whole smorgasbord of cross training, incline trainers, treadmills, training rigs, single station machines and classes. Back when we were emptying sand from the dumbbells to make them lighter we could have never dreamed of the variety out there today.

Passion and determination play a great part in the development of any industry, Arthur Jones passion for bodybuilding and his determination to create a new line of fitness equipment opened the door for so many individuals, who may have never thought they could change their lives. His inventions paved the way for generations to help better themselves and hopefully those around them.

Words by Ken Heathcote



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