What’s Next?

The best exercise in the book is the one that gets the best results in the shortest possible time.

The one single exercise that can achieve that what not only works the whole of the body in two seconds but is of equal value to fifteen single station machines in those two seconds.

This won’t be included in your muscle building magazines or prescribed by your local P.T and you most certainly won’t read about it in trendy articles in the national press. You are more likely to hear/read about it in a magazine that is years old because no-one really does it anymore unless you’re a fan of CrossFit.


The two handed split snatch would work almost every single muscle in one and also forces the groin to work like hell to accommodate eight different movements in one single rep.

An exercise that calls into play so many of the bodies muscles in the short space of time it is one of all time best exercises. The use of lower body muscles through to your core and arms, shoulders it doesn’t stop there as coordination it a huge factor and concentration on form massively important. Forcing the brain to stay focused and asking your muscles and core to stay strong throughout this brief yet extremely beneficial exercise is what makes it one of the best and in my opinion needs to be brought into routines more often and I believe in the next few years it’ll make a resurgence.

Words by Ken Heathcoat 


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