Arnold And The Father of Modern Bodybuilding.

To hulk size his extraordinary slender physique Eugen Sandow toured the city of Amsterdam at night and ripped all the strength testing equipment out of their sockets rendering them useless.

Sandow was the equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger of the 1890s. With a physique that resembled the Legendary Greek Hercules ‘God of Gymnasiums & Wrestling’, his feats of strength were legendary in themselves.

L0033354 Eugen Sandow: Life of the Author as told in Photographs

Sandow’s physique was phenomenal when you think that he only had very basic equipment. There was no such thing as machines but he did it with a form of suspension training, something that’s extremely popular in today’s modern facilities. Using equipment such as Roman Rings and globe weights he turned himself into a Victorian Demi-God, just think of what he may have been able today using a modern functional training rig.

Sandow invented all kinds of equipment, various chest enhancers that have now evolved into the various cable crossovers that Freemotion and other companies produce.


Sandow was also instrumental in starting out the first bodybuilding competitions over a hundred years ago in a little place called The Royal Albert Hall, London. The audience cheering for a double bicep or a side tricep. The comparison with Arnold’s achievements are uncanny. Thes guys had the theaters across Europe, which they ruled, Sandow had Royalty, Arnold had Politics, they both wrote books and one thing they both had was buckets of charisma.

Words by Ken Heathcote


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