Bodybuilding Genius

Bodybuilder Bruce Randall was just 21 years old when he joined the US Marines, his body weight was around the 200lbs mark but he wanted to make the American Football Team so he had to bulk up to 225lbs.

Bruce’s plan was to increase his food intake each day i.e. another slice of bread or a little more meat, eggs and milk. He was a stickler for detail so every day he would keep to his routine and in six weeks he made the 225lbs. His weight programme at the time of this was just arm work, but, just as he did with his food he did with his weights and maintained his strict routine and was a stickler for detail.

After six weeks he decided to continue eating more each day and increased his weights also. Bruce Randall reached 250lbs then increased to 300lbs then after a year he weighed 350lbs. By this time, he was curling 100lbs dumbbells but had switched to the larger muscle groups and was using 130lbs dumbbells on the incline dumbbell press and 250lbs inclined barbell press, all this time he was maintaining his increase in food intake and weight and it was not uncommon for him to have 28 eggs each day.


Bruce ate four meals a day and trained for as much as seven hours. He gradually pushed his body weight up to 410lbs and then for no apparent reason decided to reduce his weight and enter the Mr Universe contest in London in 1959 and won!

During all of this Bruce never suffered ill health or stretch marks, loose skin or wrinkles. His lowest weight was 183lbs, he took no supplements, no protein or whey. No words can describe such an incredible transformation without the use or supplements over a nine-year period but this is something he achieved.


Bruce was one of the tall men in Mr America, My Universe and other competitions he stood 6ft 2inches tall and at his heaviest he weighed 425lbs. He appeared on every cover of bodybuilding magazines and was in demand for TV Shows all over the States. He was a natural athlete, gentleman and respectable human being, in three words he was a ‘A bodybuilding genius’

Words by Ken Heathcote

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